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SAPA – “City in the mist” – Vietnam Travel

Sapa - "City in the mist" is famous for its majestic mountain scenery, fresh and pristine climate, cool year-round will help you get the right moments of relaxation.

Coming to Sapa, you will experience watching snow fall in winter, climbing to the top of Fansipan mountain – which is known as the roof of Indochina, and walking around the enchanting Muong Hoa valley. Through Sapa tours, visitors also have the opportunity to experience many unique cultural features with the lives of ethnic minorities in the Northern Mountains, enjoy the unique traditional dishes here. If you are looking for an enjoyable vacation experience, let’s discovery the land with VNC called “City in the mist” right away!

Spring is the time of flowers competing to bloom under the sun, wind and fresh air of the Northwest mountains. You can catch a sight of flower forests, peach blossoms, plum blossoms and thousands of other flowers blooming all over the hillsides, halfway down the slopes, the valleys, the mountainside or the roads on the town.

In summer, Sapa transforms from the bright pink color of peach blossoms, roses, plum blossoms… to the fresh, green color of vegetables and young rice. The weather is also extremely cool and pleasant.

Sapa in autumn has a heartwarming beauty with the yellow color spreading across the terraced fields, signaling a ripe rice season has arrived. You will have opportunity to admire the mesmerizing beauty with rolling clouds of rivers and the uniqueness in costumes and customs of the highland people.

When it comes to winter, Sapa puts on a pure white coat of snow. This is the unique destination in Vietnam snowing in winter, which attract many people to vísit and experience the cold breeze and admire the scenery of whole town of Sapa floating in the clouds, mist and snow.

No matter in what season, Sapa possesses its own beauty.

The majestic, wild Libra with simple and idyllic villages, the long-standing cultural beauties of the highland people, all together create unique beauty of Sapa.

Tour Sapa spring - Tây Bắc peach blossom in spring days
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Sapa in summer - Lake in terraces
Sapa with its magnificent natural beauty
Magnificent terraces in Sapa
Who said Vietnam doesn't have snow?
Sapa is an experience that is hard to find anywhere else in Vietnam