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How to confirm, manage and check important information for your order made in Vietnam? (schedule, quality, specifications, raw materials and product safety, labels…) You are wise when choosing to use our services.

– As you know, Vietnam is rising to become an important link in the global supply chain, with the advantage of a young population, cheap labor costs, friendly people, a safe and peaceful environment, policies state is relatively stable and increasingly oriented to support free enterprise development.

– Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, European enterprises.. have been and continue to pour investment capital into Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam because of previous successes and long-term commitments of government as well as the expectations of the people.

– Because of the above reasons, many new factories were established, specializing in the production of consumer goods and the production scale is increasingly expanding.

– Newly operated factories have to face the challenge of high quality human resources QA-QC, product quality management system, requirements for standards, regulations, random inspection, inspection Continuous and comprehensive control of product defects, workmanship defects, pressure on capacity to ensure progress … etc. in the production process and must continuously innovate to meet requirements increasing number of customers.

– Due to the current situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, international flights to and from Vietnam have not been fully resumed and foreigners entering Vietnam still have to be isolated for 14 days, the number of cases of Corona virus infection every day. causes approximately 8000 cases. In order to ensure the safety of the customers themselves and reduce the inconvenience that may be encountered when coming to Vietnam, using a 3rd  party to inspect goods is a smart and reliable choice.

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We feel honored and realize our responsibility in checking the quantity, quality and progress of the shipment being produced in Vietnam on behalf of our customers.

Incentives for customers when choosing our services.

  1. Act as an important information between the factory and the customer. Integrity, objectivity and transparency are our mottos.
  2. Commitment complete the report on time within 24 hours after the inspection date.
  3. Surveyors are Vietnamese who work professionally and conscientiously.
  4. Flexible payment and competitive service fee, ready to serve regardless of small orders.
  5. We apply the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 17020: 2012 standards, the interests of customers are the center, the number one priority.

Thank you for your attentions!

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