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Hanoi have loosen social distancing restrictions step by step since September 21 but still ensure the pandemic prevention and control protocols

Since applying social distancing restrictions on July 24, the capital city has recorded about 71.2 positive cases per day on average. In the fourth period of social distancing over the past two weeks, the number of daily caseload has decreased to around 15 cases per day.

The city has conducted large-scale testing on 4 million people to filter F0 cases and reduce community cases. After the mass testing, the city has narrowed down testing areas. According to the city’s authorities, those aged over 18 will receive the second vaccine jabs by November. The vaccination rate is an important factor to realise the dual targets.

covid test
Covid testing in Hanoi during the restrictions

After September 21, “Only red zones with high risks and positive cases will have to apply restrictions. It’s better to have no red zones. If we have red zones, we have to try to narrow things down,” Vice chairman Duong Duc Tuan said. The city will allow construction sites to resume operation in the conditions of following safety measures. This means the operatives of inspections as well as audit on-site will be able to back to normal soon.

VNC's inspectors are able to travel to factory after the restrictions removal