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Handmade products Made in Vietnam

– You have a handmade order made in Vietnam but cannot verify the information (progress, quality, specifications, raw materials and product safety, labels…) when choosing to use our services.

– In Vietnam, there are many types of handmade goods, they are very beautiful and environmentally friendly, the designs and colors are different from industrial products, easy to use with a competitive price.

Some notes when inspecting handmade goods.

1. Handcrafted goods should have the finishing quality depending on the workmanship

2. Goods are not produced in series, so the color is different and the size is the same, can’t claim to be 100% the same.

3. Raw materials are taken from nature, so moisture, insects and other defects must be controlled.

4. The preservation and storage of products at families and small production facilities is not the same as in factories, so the quantity and conditions of production facilities must be counted.

5. Order fulfillment progress may not meet the Contract because the product production process depends on weather conditions (drying, harvest season, or heavy rain…)

Thank you for your attentions!

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